Orange (2016): Anime Review

Synopsis : Naho Takamiya’s first day of her sophomore year of high school is off to an uneasy start. After waking up late, she receives a strange letter addressed to her. However, the letter is from herself—10 years in the future! At first, Naho is skeptical of the note; yet, after witnessing several events described… Continue reading Orange (2016): Anime Review

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Happy 7th Blogversary, WORDS and RHYTHM! 12.22.17

Happy Holidays everyone! J  It’s been a long time since I had my blog post. I feel guilty of not being active because I was so busy with my full time job and graduate school. It’s the reason behind my blog hiatus. Anyway, I am back here as of now for the 7th Blogversary post.… Continue reading Happy 7th Blogversary, WORDS and RHYTHM! 12.22.17

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26, Going Further

It’s been really amazing how things happened last year particularly in my career and blog. I have learned a lot with my experiences. It helped me to improve in some areas I need to work on myself and some shortcomings I had in my blog. I am always grateful about it. I believe most of… Continue reading 26, Going Further

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lost in wonderland

Title:  red eyed bunny (lost in wonderland) Date:  May 2016 Camera: Samsung J1 2016 Location:  Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate School Impression: I spotted Frosty the bunny when I checked the playground. He’s outside relaxing under the water tank. Bunnies are cute but they are very sensitive/fragile to be pets so I really don’t prefer to have one.… Continue reading lost in wonderland

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(SPECIAL) Happy 6th Blogversary, WORDS AND RHYTHM! 12.22.16

Blogging lifted my spirits up, gave me courage and strength as I live my life. Words and Rhythm doesn’t only serve as a writing portfolio but an extension of my real self as Lovely. I also believe it has become an inspiration to others who were able to read my blog. I hope it will… Continue reading (SPECIAL) Happy 6th Blogversary, WORDS AND RHYTHM! 12.22.16

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Special Entry: INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji

INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji  First, I want to thank Benji for nominating my blog for this award. This guy makes inspiring and travel-rific blogs which I think is awesome. He’s  a fellow musician as well. You can follow his blog here.

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Acoustic Night

  Title:  Acoustic Lights Date:  April 2016 Sunday Camera: Samsung J1 2016 Location:  The District Ayala Mall Dasma Impression: Unexpected mini acoustic session in this mall. I like this kind of things. I miss this. 🙂 Time to chill in a Sunday night after attending Mass. i hope I can also perform. haha! #wishfulthinking By the way, this is… Continue reading Acoustic Night