Adobo flakes Tacos

Title:  Tasty Adobo Tacos Date: December 2016 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location: Adobo Connection Impression: I already featured a Tacos Photo here in my blog. It’s becoming obvious now that I like eating tacos since I have another photo prior to this I also love this though the Chips use is more salty. the vegetables balances taste of… Continue reading Adobo flakes Tacos


The Classic TLC (Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber) – Garden Salad

  Title : My Garden Salad Location: Our Home ^^ Camera: Canon Power Shot SX120 IS Date:  March 15, 2015 Impression: I made this Vegetable Salad for my younger brother’s basketball team. As well as for my cousins who visited this weekend. It’s really a busy day. I thought of making a salad. I actually like vegetable… Continue reading The Classic TLC (Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber) – Garden Salad

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Simple Ensalada

Title:  Lovely’s Ensalada Date:  April 2016 Camera: Samsung J1 2016 Location:  Our Home Impression: This is Ensalada. A dish again that I learned in the Montessori School I am working. Thanks Ate Jane! Now, I made my own version. My dad was surprised that I made it.  I am actually pushing my mom to be adventurous with foods because… Continue reading Simple Ensalada