Focus on Progress, 28

Cheers to another year of my life! Hiyee to all my readers out there. Here’s to my special birthday blog. ❤ I feel glad to get a chance again this blog entry. Blogging for me is really therapeutic. Lovely, where have you been? ~ I believe you are wondering why I blog so seldom right… Continue reading Focus on Progress, 28

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Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! 122218

So, it’s my 8th year in WordPress as a blogger. I remember how it started. Writing in wordpress is one experience worth treasuring. My early days in writing a blog was during college (on-the-job training season to be specific). If you can read my blog history, I mentioned there that I created my account here… Continue reading Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! 122218

10 Happy Things

Be Grateful! : 10 Happy Things Monthly Edition (January 2018)

Hello everyone! I am finally back to writing my well-loved blog entry which is the 10 Happy Things. I am really excited to start the year writing the things I am thankful for. Count the blessings. To always see the brighter side will help you get motivated.  Haha! This month sets the mood of having a surely one… Continue reading Be Grateful! : 10 Happy Things Monthly Edition (January 2018)

10 Happy Things

(September 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Surviving the September thrill. Last year, I had to take my LET so I didn’t blog a lot on September. This year, it was tough. I had to deal with some other things that really challenged me.  I blog less as well. My schedule is really hectic. Eventually, I can devise a technique to manage… Continue reading (September 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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Special Entry: INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji

INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji  First, I want to thank Benji for nominating my blog for this award. This guy makes inspiring and travel-rific blogs which I think is awesome. He’s  a fellow musician as well. You can follow his blog here.

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Transition and Redirection

Transition and Redirection By: Lovely del Mundo It has been half of the year 2015 already. I feel so blessed because everything that was taken away from me 3 years ago is all coming back to me now. It’s like a second life. My faith. My sanity. My career. My social life. My soul.  Most… Continue reading Transition and Redirection

Daily Life

The Little Things ♥ (+ life update)

Annyeong!:) It’s been a while where I haven’t post anything here in WordPress. OMG! I’m soooo busy or what? I think it is the first post this 2012. hehehehe! Anyway, It’s nice to be back here. I haven’t updated you about my life right now. This post will do it. Ok? And, Hopefully I will… Continue reading The Little Things ♥ (+ life update)