Smiling Small Flowers

Title:  Prickly Lantana Smiling Flower  Date: June 2017 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location:  CCT Tagaytay Impression:  I enjoy looking at nature’s beauty everywhere I go. In this generation, we are so busy in living life. We are catching up time to do all our task. Looking in this simple beauty can give a moment of being grateful, peace… Continue reading Smiling Small Flowers

10 Happy Things

(July 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi WordPress people! This is my 10 Happy Things (Monthly Edition). This will be one of my regular blog topic every month. Enjoy Reading it! If you want, you can make one too for positive motivation.. 😀  It’s the last day of July!  This month is about class suspension, typhoon, work dilemma and my story of… Continue reading (July 2015) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


Stargazer Flower

Title:  Blooming Stargazer Date:  July 15, 2015 Camera: Canon Power Shot SX120 IS Location: Our Front House Impression: Usually, I see stargazer flowers bloom in December. So, I am curious why it’s so blooming in July. I asked my mom. She told me that it because of a week of raining. The plant was nourished well and… Continue reading Stargazer Flower