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Food is a topic where anyone on this planet can relate. Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Salty or even bland, it’s up to you what kind of taste do you prefer. There are people that I know who loves eating. They are called #foodie. If you keep posting food photos, then you are a #foodporn. Why does… Continue reading MY FILIPINO FOOD PICKS (Updated)


Adobo flakes Tacos

Title:  Tasty Adobo Tacos Date: December 2016 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location: Adobo Connection Impression: I already featured a Tacos Photo here in my blog. It’s becoming obvious now that I like eating tacos since I have another photo prior to this I also love this though the Chips use is more salty. the vegetables balances taste of… Continue reading Adobo flakes Tacos


Festive Table on New Year’s Eve

Date: December 31, 2016 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location: Our House Impression: The most famous food during holidays here in the Philippines is no other than “Lechon”. We only have the pig’s head. It’s a belief to put many food on the table during this time to keep prosperity for the whole year round. 🙂


Lumpiang Shanghai

Title:  Sweet and Sour Lumpiang Shanghai! Date: December 2016 Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Location: Adobo Connection Impression: It’s my first time to dine in Adobo Connection. What I love in their menu is this simple Lumpiang Shanghai meal that will satisfy your hunger in an affordable price. ❤ This one is a common Filipino dish. *Not a sponsored… Continue reading Lumpiang Shanghai

10 Happy Things · ♥ to ♥

(August 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi everyone! I am back for my August Happy Things. Oh my Ghost month… >.< It’s been a busy month that I have soooo many things to do at work. I sometimes overtime in school but it’s okay. It’s good to be busy. That only means you are productive and earning! Hahaha! Oh well, I… Continue reading (August 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition