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Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! 122218

So, it’s my 8th year in WordPress as a blogger. I remember how it started. Writing in wordpress is one experience worth treasuring. My early days in writing a blog was during college (on-the-job training season to be specific). If you can read my blog history, I mentioned there that I created my account here… Continue reading Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! 122218

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Be Grateful! :10 Happy Things for November and December 2018 (Monthly Edition)

Year-end 10 Happy Things! So, I am back again here in my blog. I missed a lot of things here because there’s a lot going on in my offline life. I am always pre-occupied with my teaching career and graduate school. It feels like my blogging life was set aside. I am GUILTY. When I… Continue reading Be Grateful! :10 Happy Things for November and December 2018 (Monthly Edition)


Jeannie Heels Holiday (#OOTD)

Model: Lovely del Mundo Photography: Mamita Location:  Evia Alabang Vista  It’s my first time to stroll in EVIA Alabang Vista. I was so ecstatic to walk around this mall. I love the location. Christmas isn’t really over yet.  It’s a call for OOTD post! ❤ I am wearing just jeans, squared printed shirt and my… Continue reading Jeannie Heels Holiday (#OOTD)

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Reindeers on a Sunday

Title:  Reindeers but no winter Date:  November  2015 Camera: Canon Power Shot SX120 IS Location:  Alabang Town Center Impression: This is my most favorite part of Town center the plaza like space where the fountain is located. I still remember those times.. 🙂 Anyway, I had a comeback in this place and spotted this 3 reindeer sculptures?… Continue reading Reindeers on a Sunday

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A Thought for Christmas: The Art of Giving

A Thought for Christmas: The Art of Giving By: Lovely del Mundo Sharing something with other people will make you happy in return. In this world, we don’t live alone. As saying goes by, no man is an island. We all have something to share in this world. That’s what we need to discover within… Continue reading A Thought for Christmas: The Art of Giving

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Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo) is a Filipino-Catholic Tradition where people attend a mass in preparation for Christmas. It happens for 9 days. The tenth day is Christmas Day. It can be held in the evening or early in the morning. There is also a belief that if you can complete the 9 days of… Continue reading Simbang Gabi

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The 4th Blogversary! 12.22.14

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, MY “WORDS AND RHYTHM” BLOGSITE! 12.22.14   It took me a long time to be back here. (2 years) I miss Blogging. If I can only tell you what happened to me in details, you won’t believe it. Actually, it’s really TRAGIC and MIND DESTROYING.  Maybe, I can post about it someday. I… Continue reading The 4th Blogversary! 12.22.14