Big Hero 6 (2015) : Movie Review

  Synopsis: Robotics prodigy Hiro (Ryan Potter) lives in the city of San Fransokyo. Next to his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro’s closest companion is Baymax (Scott Adsit), a robot whose sole purpose is to take care of people. When a devastating turn of events throws Hiro into the middle of a dangerous plot, he transforms… Continue reading Big Hero 6 (2015) : Movie Review


The Social Network 2010: American Movie

Synopsis: Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard undergrad and computer genius, begins work on a new concept that eventually turns into global social network sensation known as Facebook. 6 years later, he became one of the youngest billionaire in the world because of Facebook.  But, He finds that unprecedented success will lead him to both personal and legal… Continue reading The Social Network 2010: American Movie

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This Means War (2012): Movie Review

Synopsis: Lauren is an advertising/ product testing expert. Lauren actually doesn’t like dating website but tried it because of her best friend. She met Tuck because of it. She also met FDR, which is Tuck’s FBI partner on a DVD store. After that, they started to date too. She’s dating two guys at the same time here.… Continue reading This Means War (2012): Movie Review

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Tada,Kimi wo Aishiteru : Movie Review

Summary:  “She used to lie very often.” Due to his inferiority complex, Makoto shies away from other people, but Shizuru manages to make him open up to her. Because of their friendship, Shizuru takes interest in photography and they often go to a forest, partially hidden from the public, to take photos. Shizuru wants nothing… Continue reading Tada,Kimi wo Aishiteru : Movie Review


Little Black Dress (2011) : Movie Review

Synopsis: “Little Black Dress” depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20’s, but inside they all have worries. (Source : Asianwiki) Trailer: Review: LITTLE BLACK DRESS (2011) is about coming of age women life: family,  friendship,… Continue reading Little Black Dress (2011) : Movie Review

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Me Before You (2016) : Movie Review

Synopsis:  Adapted from the bestselling novel by Jo Jo Moyes, Me Before You tells the story of the unexpected relationship that blossoms between a contented small town Englishwoman and the wealthy, paralyzed Londoner who hires her as his caretaker. (source: rotten tomatoes) Trailer:  Review: Me Before You (2016) is a drama and romance British Film. A… Continue reading Me Before You (2016) : Movie Review