Words and Rhythm


The Words and Rhythm started December 22, 2010 [specifically] when the blogger was an Editorial Intern in UNO Magazine. Word press was chosen by the blogger herself through a not-so-long discernment for an official blog site. It was recommended by [her Online Nocturnal Bud/Elementary classmate] Jean Matthieu. Her Blogging Beginnings all started in the Multiply Site and later turned over here in word press.

tired and lazy anime girl

The website had a sudden very long hiatus for 2 years ( 2013 and 2014) for such reason that only the owner/blogger  of this website can explain. (PM her!)

In 2015, it was the major come back of this website and has gotten  more improvements for blogging versatility, achievements as a website/blog  and online community expansion. 🙂


  • To INSPIRE aspiring bloggers to express themselves in the online world in the most artistic and at the same time ethical way.
  • To APPRECIATE (or criticize) anything about arts, literature and music.
  • To CREATE  an informative, inspiring and worth-reading blog site in the online world.

Share your thoughts and feels about this website by leaving a comment below! 😀




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