The Lovely Blogger

Lovely del Mundo is a freelance blogger/writer who writes Reviews (Film, Anime, Book and Events), Editorial Blogs and thoughts about life. When not on blog, she is a full-time teacher, a coffee-haired 21st century lady and a part-time Daughter.  🙂

She graduated from  De La Salle University –Dasmariñas where she took up  Bachelor of Arts in Communication last 2011.  At the moment, in pursuit of Masteral Degree in English as Second Language in the same university.

Words and Rhythm is her writing/photography portfolio and personal space in the online world. She considers this as a passion project as well. Aside from publishing purely on reviews, it can show you a slice of her life. ❤


See her career profile here: Del Mundo, Lovely C. 

Any personal and business msg? send it here:

“Writing is my passion. A teacher by profession. A treasure hunter in my own world. Music is in my soul. Cafes are my haven. The scent of Cherry Blossom is my spring.”

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4 thoughts on “The Lovely Blogger

    1. Thanks Monch Weller fro dropping by. I checked out your blog. I think you are fond of food venture in the urban of North so I followed. I am a South person so just curious what do you have there. 🙂 HapiNY too. 🙂

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