Hi Everyone! (皆さんこんにちは!)

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I hope you have a good time going around in this blog or if you haven’t seen/explore Words and Rhythm (just yet), hope you’ll enjoy your reading and stay time in this website.

What do Words and Rhythm has in stored for our readers?

This website actually started just for an online diary and drama reviews as a hobby of the blogger. Eventually, It grow into more kind of blogs because the blogger was challenged for versatility and has this interest creative and editorial writing. Now, it’s serves as a writing and photography portfolio.

Here are the interests you’ll find : (I hope we have in common!)

  • Making Reviews about BOOK, TV SERIES, MOVIES and ANIME’
  • Personal thoughts about Daily Life happenings and reflections.
  • Editorial writing for Fashion, Photography,Travel, and Events.
  • Creative writing for Poetry. 

Who are the target readers? 

Bloggers. Editors. Otaku. YouTubers (What?!). Interesting and Interested people on earth. Aliens are welcome too.

Are there any other business that can this website offer?

Good News. The blogger is open for the following:

  • Making Reviews for a specific brand (I want to help small business) for advertisement purpose.
  • Writing an article about anything as a contributor. I can do freelance writing.
  • I do English Tutorial as well!

Advice for contact : delmundo.lovelyc@gmail.com


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      1. Ah I see, so another liebster award for me.. I got three already.. but it’s okay.. I’ll prepare to answer this one too… Thanks again Jay for nominating me! ^^

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