The Teacher’s Diary (2014) : Movie Review


It follows the story of two lonely teachers, a male and a female. They were assigned at the same rural school but a year apart. The girl being assigned first, attempted to write her thoughts on a diary, being stuck out in boonies. One day she has to be transferred to another school and left the diary. The male teacher came by as a substitute and saw the diary, thus, falling in love with the unacquainted writer. He also wrote his thoughts on it. The guy also left and the lady returned and saw that there are added articles on the diary. She also fell in love with him but now having a hard time looking for the boy. Will the two ever meet? (source:




Sukrit Wisetkaew – Song

~ a former wrestler who is applying for a teaching position. He was rather sent in the house boat branch of the school as a teaching substitute. He’s not really good in teaching but has a good heart and diligent in the job.

Chermarn Boonyasak – Ann

~ She’s the owner of the diary. She’s the former teacher in the houseboat. The students shares good stories about her because she is a good teacher. She can be stubborn at times but real brave on the inside.


It’s so GREAT! Looking on the Direction of Photography, it’s classic for me . I mean visual wise I am like visiting a museum not just watching a movie. The camera always considers the best view in each scene. (different scene in the house boat) The artistic side on photography was also seen here.


  • Floating Boat School
  • Main School
  • Song’s Apartment
  • Principal’s office

Comments and Suggestions:

I never thought of being a teacher. From the start, it’s been full of hardships. – Song

After watching Fabulous 30, I was curious what other films do Thailand has. I clicked the trailer entitled the teacher’s diary. The trailer itself amazed me. I watched it several times then I can’t get enough so I watched the movie already!

The Teacher’s Diary (2014) is an impressive, inspiring and heartwarming romance/teaching life film. It was really a masterpiece. (CINEMATOGRAPHY, ACTING, STORY and MUSIC = MASTERPIECE) I was overwhelmed. I can’t believe that I can watch a film this great again. It is possible to produce this kind of film these days I was now convinced that Thai movies are really good. My attention to Korean series seems shifting now to Thai. Haha! This movie made me laugh so hard and cry bucks at the same time. It made me look like crazy. I realized that I love this movie much when I am already watching BEHINDS THE SCENES (BTS), lead actors (Bie and Ploy) background, director’s job and keep playing the No Different (thai) Movie Soundtrack. I guess I have fallen in love already with the film.

Real Facts about the movie: (

  • The floating school is real. There is a floating school in northern of Thailand. Well, the one in the movie is the setting scene, not the real one.
  • The diary is inspired from the true story of a lady who found the diary on her office desk and she tried to find the owner. Finally, they met and got married.

Let’s dig in more into the film. As for me, it has a unique story. The DIARY is the key item connecting all things happening from different timeline. How it is possible? I admire the story flow. I didn’t confuse me what time line I am watching this and there. It was presented creatively. I don’t know the technique but I felt it as an audience. The two timelines are Song’s teaching year and Ann’s teaching year (1 year before). Song happened to read Teacher’s Ann diary due to loneliness. He was entertained reading and was able to know what kind of person Teacher Ann is.

Then, he was inspired to stay in the boat house to teach these less fortunate children (multi-grade classroom) as best as he can. Teacher Ann (Math teacher) is the better teacher because she was able to manage the children to get higher grades than Teacher Song (PE teacher). Even so, Teacher song seems to be better in convincing people, more adventurous and do practical things in the boat house as his strength. He’s the one who convince Chon to go back in school that teacher Ann wasn’t successful at.

These two has a committed romantic relationship they left while teaching in a boat house. Being distant with their boyfriend and girlfriend made things complicated. Nui (Ann’s boyfriend) complains that why she’s teaching there in the boathouse when she can teach in the city. Is it because of her pride? On the other hand, Song caught her girlfriend cheating. He decided to break up with her. Ann wrote about S.O.B. (School of Broken Hearts) in her diary which Song was able to relate too. They both jumped in the water. There’s always something mutual about them. I really LOVE HOW THEY CONNECT to each other when they haven’t met yet.

The wood (height measure) scene when they think of each other is also my favorite. Haha. <3. I was laughing at all the comedy scene in this film. There are so many unexpected humor here that I don’t see on other films. I think Song is really funny. Most of the scenes he has with the children made me laugh. I remember when there’s a snake in the classroom and he panicked to kill it. Also, when he is always thinking of Ms. Ann that he had a nightmare when he is going to meet her. Then Poof… the face is covered with paper. All the inconvenience staying in the boathouse had given a humor too. When I watched the BTS videos, the director keeps laughing on Bie’s acting. I also discovered Song (Bie) has really a good sense of humor even behind the camera. I think he’s cute! The children are also cute!

Setting aside the humor and romance, what I love about this film is the valuing part. The valuing part is usually forgotten nowadays in film-making. In this movie, the essence of teaching life was given emphasis. It was well balance with all the elements present in the film. Teaching is a noble profession.  I am a teacher right now. It’s the reason why I can relate with the main characters of the film. Teaching is about service. When I got to watch it, I realized that I am luckier because I teaching in a more decent place. I know that this kind of scenario really happens on some other places.


Recently I had anxiety about the profession but when I was able to watch it, it felt like it’s a message from above saying “NEVER GIVE UP”…: D I feel relieved and inspired after watching this. Thank you Teacher Ann and Teacher Song. <3!~ This film really made me cry too.

never give up
Eng Trans : NEVER GIVE UP!

If you are reading this review, I strongly suggest you to watch this film. It will teach you the value of education, challenges in a relationship (trust) and the possibility of true love through a diary. Overall, The Teacher’s Diary is really a fantastic and great film that I can recommend to anyone. You won me Thai movie! ❤ I do hope Ph can make films like this too.


Is it possible to fall in love with someone you never met?

Rating : 9 out of 10 


26 thoughts on “The Teacher’s Diary (2014) : Movie Review

  1. Ooooooh. Very interesting story. I wonder where I can get this film, though. I’m not sure. Anyway, this must be fun to watch for you since you’re a teacher too. I personally don’t believe that you can love someone without meeting them or seeing what they look like or how they actually act and interact with you, but I’ll never say never, right? Good post. The girl in the film is pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. I watched it online.. when i find the link i’ll share it to you.💜 Yep… veryyyyyy good story and nice film making.. i love it!!! Super. I can relate somehow..! 😁 ok.. hmmm.. i understand your poin though i believe that you can have a connect to someone in a special way with out meeting them yet… then when you meet them.. then its officially love…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, please. Hmmmm. I like romantic stuff but I’m kind of skeptical about them happening in real-life or to me, for that matter. But it’s just what I think so I’m not saying that this is impossible.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the story 🙂

    It’s different than what dramas I have ever seen so far. It’s like you’re taking a bet loving someone that you’ve never met physically, well love at first sight. It depends probably someone else might call it crazy he jumped into the water with motorcycle but love is crazy sometimes 🙂

    Nice trailer and nice review. I have never watched it Ann is pretty as well. Floating school looks awesome should. I love that place!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the comment! 💜
      The trailer wont give you everything about the film. When you watched the whole film it has surprises…. its great.. its also based on a true story.. they really put effort on this film not only the story but also the cinematography… i also think it’s a unique love story… it made me want to go in thailand now…hahaha!
      I think you can possibly connect with someone in a special way even you haven’t yet then when you met and decided to be together then that’s legally love..

      I just love how this movie made.. it is a real masterpiece..

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  3. Hello Lovely!

    Ah I’ve been absent for awhile. I’ve been working on my novel. Finally I can take a break and read through blogs. I love this blog. I’m not too familiar with Thai movies, but I completely agree with you, this one looks great. Your review is very good and quite interesting. hmmm. I think it may be possible to fall in love with someone you haven’t met, but it would have to be someone VERY special. The young man falls in love with the ex-teachr through her diary. That’s an amazing idea. I like the idea, too, that he writes in the diary as well. I think their love develops through shared feelings. Isn’t that possible? That someone feels or thinks the same way doesn’t guarantee love but it definitely is a possible lead to love. After all when two people meet and everything they. say to each other brings happiness and warm feelings–hey, they will probably fall deeply in love. Like the young man in the movie, he constantly thinks about Ms. Ann, and she thinks about him, so they want to know each other…. Fascinating. Oh, I can watch the movie on You tube here so I’m gonna watch it today for sure! thank y0u so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello there Paul! It’s been a while. I super love this film. I turned my heart up side down. 💕👍 It made me love Thai movies. Try watching some Thai movies. They are good.😁 I have fallen in love with the story. The romance is unique. I also believe that you can be in love with someone you havent met yet you already encountered in a way.. emotional bond binded them. You are right shared feelings and philosophy i believe. That’s the reason why ms. Ann leaved his long time boyfriend because this guy in the diary understands her more and he touched her soul more. You know… Actually… Love is not actually tested by time or frequency… but its with the impact or depth of the relationship. 😀 haha.. i am talking too much now. Haha..
      Thats why that person becomes very special.

      Paul…i am actually feeling it right now. Haha.. but i wont reveal you who is it.😛 still… i am guarding myself… 😢

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!! 😁😁😁 hope your novel is going well.😁😁😁

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  5. While reading ur review somehow I felt like watching the movie.. thanks for sharing the link.. let me see if I am able to watch it..
    And honestly love is undescribable… It can make u it can break can give you smiles it can give u a hard time.. depends on our look out …

    Liked by 1 person

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