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Be Grateful! :10 Happy Things for January 2019 (Monthly Edition)

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                And… it’s a brand new year again! Hello there, 2019! I am late though for my 10 happy things. This is my personal blog entry that never stops counting all positivity happening to me in a month or two. I have big decisions to make in my academic and professional journey so stand by me. 🙂 I have become so goal-oriented. The fruits of my efforts and little sacrifices seems to be paying closer now. ❤ The process is never easy though. I commit to positivity and faith in God.., and will always be. 😀

Check out the first month’s happy lists:


The fact I am celebrating the New Year’s Eve with my FAM is a blessing already. It does not need to be grand.  It just needs to be happy shalalala~… haha. I tried to throw coins this NYE .Yes, ready to level up 2019. 🙂

  1. Be enrolled for last sem of  GS- Acads

         Yas! I took me 2 years and a half to reach this semester. I am not enrolling in full load. I need to balance out still my life. I am also testing the waters in this degree. I am glad that I was able to sustain my motivation for this academic journey. I am actually more excited for what will happen this year in my stay in Graduate School. 🙂

  1. Watching PBB Otso ❤ 

     Pinoy ako o Pinoy! Here comes Pinoy Big Brother Otso (Adult edition). It’s been a long time I am not watching this reality show. The last time were Kim Chui’s and Ejay Falcon’s batch. You will love watching different kind of people in one house clashing attitude. :p hahaha! What’s interesting in this Adult batch is the humor and chemistry they bring on screen. It serves me a pill of happiness. ❤

  1. Painting my room purple

        I finally crossed out one in the checklist for renovating my room. That is to paint it lavender. Everybody knows my friends, classmates, colleagues and FAM that I love the shade of anything purple. Even though it was obvious, I never had my bedroom in purple so I made sure to do it last holidays. 🙂

  1. Job well done to G12’s Quantitative Research.

        Since I am assigned now in Senior High, one of my goals for G11 and G12 (esp. them) is to at least publish/produce a complete research. Thanks to my SHS colleague in supporting my anakishies (advisory class) in this subject. 🙂


        I am enjoying having a coffee colored hair now. It suited my taste in style. 😀 I simply love it.

  1. Starting my Online Job – Teaching ESL to Chinese Students

         I grabbed this chance to work as a part-time English tutor in Banly Online –based in Shanghai, China. One of my MA classmate ask me if I want to work online –English tutorial. She gave me the contact. Then, the rest was history. I was able to start this month. Every night, this is my thing. 😉

       8. Start of 2nd Semester of WIS SHS

           The second semester starts here already. I have new subjects for semester. I really plan to be in senior high. Our school is still in the period of adjustment for this level – trial and error. I hope always for the best with my students.

   9. The Little Things Notes with love

    When the little things gives you smile. 😀

  1. Baguio + Nueva Ecija (WIS Highschool Educational trip 2019)

Educational trip is one best activity in school because going places can really be a routine detox and form of relaxation. Baguio is still cold. I was able to maximize my time buying goodies. Haha. :p Farming life in Nueva Ecija is the most enjoyable activity for all the students 😀


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