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Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! 122218

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So, it’s my 8th year in WordPress as a blogger. I remember how it started. Writing in wordpress is one experience worth treasuring. My early days in writing a blog was during college (on-the-job training season to be specific). If you can read my blog history, I mentioned there that I created my account here when I was an Editorial Intern in a Magazine company. I publish blog posts usually about my life experiences. It was just my online diary back then. Eventually, it turned into a reviews blog because I watched a lot of k-series, movies and anime. I made a posts about my comments or reactions regarding it. I got more interest to showcase as well such as travel, photography and events.

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Fast forward to now, my blog has become idle. I admit that I have fewer time to check my blog recently. But my love for blog is still there. I mean it’s for forever. It just happen that I need to divide my time for so many things that will grow my professional life. That is being a teacher. (like all my time is well-spent in teaching)

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It is my bread and butter. It has given me a lot of perks, learnings and purposeful life. I am not saying blogging is not fulfilling. It is just inconvenient for me to do at the moment. I can’t make it a priority because I need more things for my adulting life. :p

Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! We’ve grown together. You helped me to get “normalized” during my rock-bottom days. You’ve become my remedy, best friend and passion project. (aww…..) I have lesser time to spend staying with you but then you are forgiving me in lots of ways. I have broken promises from last year. Actually, I even forget that it is already my blogversary this December 22. At least, I was reminded but surprised at the same time. The traditional celebration of blogversary is having cake like the typical birthday celebration. For this year, I can have just a chocolate box gift for my blog surviving the year with low traffic. HAHA. It is sponsored by my tutee in school. Hehe. Life is a box of chocolates!


I don’t have much blog posts in 2018 just to say with all honestly. I don’t even know what to write here in my blogversary post. Somehow, I was able to publish *consistently* the 10 HAPPY THINGS (monthly edition). That is an achievement already. It came to the point that I only write things about the  happening in my real life. I succeed in this one. I told myself that I won’t give up this featured blog post in W&R. I got good feedback years before from my readers. They said, it also inspires them to be optimistic and see the bright side happening to them. Looking back to what “good things that made you happy” in a month is a form of good vibes meditation. Writing about it indirectly bringing you positive realization that…hey I was actually happy when this happened… Yes, I literally count what gave me smile in a month. It is sometimes hard to sustain this kind of attitude especially when you are stressed or facing some trouble. What else? I published one travel blog. Yay! Explore Ilocos region post (July 2018). One of my blog goals is to publish travelogues. I am thankful that still I was able to experience it this year so I can write one. I also wrote about my first ICE SKATING experience in MOA. I was with my CTP friends. It was so fun trying it. Oh gosh… I hope I can try it again. ❤ I have few photography posted as well in the blog.

This is far with what I have during my active days as a blogger. I can forgive myself about this. I hope I can do more if given extra time. I want to write and share more of what I have if possible. I also miss the blogging community I always have. The feeling of belongingness to the same niche or nest. The support I’ve been getting before is priceless. That made me want to blog more actually. They have been very supportive during my active blogging days. I am visiting friends blog seldom now. Thanks to twitter because I am still getting quick updates. I can’t tag names now because I don’t know if they still know me or what. I don’t have the right also but guys thank you for choosing to stay as readers or followers. Feel free to greet (make kamusta)/ get in touch by any means of social media! (I am real active in twitter @thelovelyrhythm (my thoughts tube.. :p), pinterests (love scrolling to pinspirations <3) and LINE app (chat app– add me –> thelovelydaughter) 


Words and Rhythm will continue to fly.  Less blog but never the less heart for it. I miss you readers. One year has fled again. Let’s make 2019 more interesting this time!

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Lots of Love, 

Blogger Lovely ❤






5 thoughts on “Happy 8th Blogversary, Words and Rhythm! 122218

  1. I also had my first ice skating experience in 2018, so look at the two of us trying out the ice! As I said on Twitter, 8 years is such a wonderful accomplishment. Even if your writing was here and there, you still haven’t given up overall, and that matters most.

    So happy 8th, and I adore the anniversary treats, so cute!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Takuto – aww.. thank you so much. cant believe that its 8. Haha
      Thank you for *still* paying attention to what I post even if it is not about anime anymore. 😍 I am moved. Give a link of the ice skating post you have. I want to see it.☺ hahaha… sweet treats for my blog. I look forward to yours Taku~♡

      Liked by 1 person

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