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Be Grateful! :10 Happy Things for November and December 2018 (Monthly Edition)

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Year-end 10 Happy Things!

So, I am back again here in my blog. I missed a lot of things here because there’s a lot going on in my offline life. I am always pre-occupied with my teaching career and graduate school. It feels like my blogging life was set aside. I am GUILTY. When I found out it is my blogversary, I realized I didn’t publish any review for this year. hehe. I really can’t blame myself though.

Anyway, these last two months of 2018 have been so busy. Back to back activities happened in WIS and tons of paperworks in graduate school. (final term) I need to find my way back into blog. ❤ Thank you Christmas Vacation. 🙂

Merry Christmas dear readers! ❤

Here’s my happy things list:

  1. Being a part of CLAC-GS (2018-2019) student council.  :p 

This happened unexpectedly. We were caught in our literary theory class and asked if we can be representative for our program. We gave it a try so I am here. It was so fast. I didn’t notice or even feel that I am there. I am in charge of information dissemination for MAESL. (GC founder) I am not really used to being a “leader” but then this is an opportunity to serve and grow in character. 🙂


Many of my firsts this year. I finally tried eating in a Samgyupsal restaurant. It means “grilled pork” in Korea. Korean restaurants are rampant here in PH recently. I gave it a try with my FAM. 🙂 I enjoyed even the side dishes such as buttered potatoes, kimchi, grilled eggplant and korean atsara (I don’t know what it is called.). I ordered a separate Bibimbap dish. Of course, SAMGYUPSAL is better with Soju. ❤

3. Purchased the new SAMSUNG GALAXY A7. 😀


Yay! The most expensive thing I purchased this year is no other than a new phone. Haha! Actually, I am eyeing for a Note Series phone. (because I want the stylus!) However, the latest is soooo above my means. It took me a long discernment before purchasing A7. And Yes, it is worth it. 🙂

I have my Galaxy J1 for 3 years already. I am not really a tech freak who wants to upgrade gadgets from time to time. But then, It’s about time now because I “need” it. (esp. taking photos on lectures)





4. Catriona Gray brings home the crown. (^o^)

Proud Filipino here. Catriona is such a stunning lady. She deserves the crown. Thank you for working hard and bringing out the best in you for our country. 😀 ❤

5.  Outreach Program in St. John. (ESL Tutorial in Bahay Pag-asa)

Usually FINALS exam in Grad school deals with term paper/IMRD, mini lesson presentation or written exam. In the course the Life of St. John, we had this outreach program. (I was thankful to have Sir Gil as my professor. He used to be the CMO chair/head when I was a student assistant in CMO so I know him.)

We had ESL tutorial in Bahay Pag-asa. A home for…Underage/minor boys who need a second chance in life. There was this feeling of fulfillment and joy at the same time meeting them as my students. This opportunity made me realize that there’s more youth that needs education. Everyone has a dream. You can do it,  R and MJ ! 🙂

6. Gift Giving Activity – SPED School 

Here’s to the annual gift giving activity of WIS Highschool Dept. I was assigned in JPRES public school. Quite hassle but….Happy giving day! 😀

PS:  I met my elementary teacher here unexpectedly. 

7. Christmas Party everywhere.

First Christmas party in Highschool. 🙂 I saw how different it goes. Thankful still. I am not expecting a lot for this year yet it’s flowing. 😀 Appreciate what you have and you’ll find joy wherever you are. ^^

8. New Hair Color — Cafe latte


Wooh! Yay. Hair Color achieved. Since I am a coffee lover, I chose the Cafe Latte shade of brown. Cheers!

This is self – indulgence. ❤ ❤ ❤




9. Playing Hogwarts Mystery Game in my phone

My gaming life is activated.. Thanks to my new phone A7. I always wanted to play Potter games. Now, I am doing it on mobile. ❤ Lovely Daughter in Hogwarts. yow!

10. Celebrating Christmas with FAM.

Not too much words on this but….

Always Grateful and Blessed spending time with my FAM. 🙂

Thank God for the gift of Family togetherness. ❤

featuring my SALMON dish ~ haha XD



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