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Be Grateful! :10 Happy Things for JUNE 2018 (Monthly Edition)

Hello there, June! Once again, I am here late publishing my post for 10 happy things. Vacation time for students continues but not for teachers like me. What made me busy  this month is accomplishing all the assessments I have in Grad School. There was also tension with in me making a decision to go on solo in “Research Proposal” because of time restraint (or maybe I am just selfish to do it on my own pace not being bothered coz I can’t do it over night.) In work, It is still relaxing because there are no students yet. I am excited and anxious at the same time for this coming school year. This is something new. 🙂

There are blessings in disguise that came this month. I am always thankful.  ^o^

Let’s see my list here:

  1. Enrolled for Summer Term – MAESL (for the first time!)

For the first time in forever, I am enrolled for summer term in Grad School. I almost lose hope at first cause it seems like I can’t afford but then God will make a way. Haha! I took the major subjects so it won’t bother me in the regular semester. Imagine, you can finish your 3 units in 4 Saturdays only. There’s no midterm exam as well. :p haha!

#take advantage #advanceakomagisip

  1. Dining @MESA restaurant in SM Dasma (Father’s Day celeb.)

I appreciate FILIPINO food more now so it just feels so good to dine in MESA. I love the interiors of the restaurant. You can really feel the Filipino vibes. I like the efficient service of the crew there. It’s one of my expensive treat to my FAM. Hehe. :p

  1. Owning Rilakkuma travel pillow ❤

Yay! I know it may sound childish. I felt so happy owning this Rilakkuma travel pillow.  Rilakkuma is a popular cute character in Japan. Rila means sleepy. Kuma means bear. I want to collect more Rilakkuma items just because…. 😀

  1. Supporting BC Creatives Blog

I was invited by my blogger friend, Janica, to join the support group in facebook for aspiring bloggers. I think the idea of helping out and motivate others to blog is interesting. Actually, I think I am not credible enough to join because I have no real time for blogging nowadays. But then, if this is the only way for me to compensate my commitment as a blogger then I will try still my best here.  🙂

  1. Watching Midnight Runners (K-Movie) and Go Back Couple (K-drama)

(Nagbalik-loob sa K-drama) Going back to S. Korea series. I was entertained a lot watching the K-movie “Midnight runners”. I must review this movie. I love how the story goes there. It is simultaneously thrilling and comical. Go Back Couple is being aired in ABS-CBN. I like the time travel story of the divorced couple. I am able to watch it because I go home earlier everyday now because it’s vacation time.

  1. Speech Acts – Annual Demo Teaching #WISLife

I chose this topic simply because this is my favorite thing in speech (semantics and pragmatics). It is also relatable to others because conversations (speech) happen in a daily basis. I am glad that my colleagues who acted students during my demo enjoyed the activities. 😀 That matters for me.

  1. Giving a talk for “Teaching Method and Strategies” #WISLife

For the first time in forever also, I was able to give a talk about teaching method. I am a person who is not really good in “public speaking”. I am not used to being in the “spotlight”. On a second thought, I realized that I was assigned to do it because I have something to give or share. 🙂 Thanks for trusting me. ^o^

    8. Having a grade of “4.00” in Grad School. Seriously! 😀 (Hallelujah…)

I only aim to pass all the subjects every semester. Things can go beyond your expectation. This even happen with my first full-load semester. It sounds crazy. Hehe. It motivated me to enroll again. Somehow, I feel like I deserve this. Haha. :p

 So far, this is the subject I enjoyed the most. 🙂

  1. Having a FISH TAIL BRAID hairdo. ❤ 

I feel young having this kind of hairstyle. ❤ I discovered my new colleague’s talent in hair braiding.  #TeamHS

 10. Succeeding renewing my Passport – DFA SM Manila. Yay!

It’s difficult now to get an appointment schedule for passport renewal. I have many attempts to get one but it always fails. There was the mobile passport, passport on wheels or the telexpress. None of them helped me. Until one day, I saw an ad in FB that offers service in getting DFA passport appointment. I am persistent so I tried. It worked successfully. Everything went well when I went to DFA SM Manila. (I filed my 1st leave in school) ❤ I’ll have my new passport soonish… ❤


3 thoughts on “Be Grateful! :10 Happy Things for JUNE 2018 (Monthly Edition)

      I miss you too Rose!
      I am too busy in my full-time job and grad school. I just realized I haven’t publish the other months happy things.
      Thank you!~
      Getting high grades is not really my goal in grad school. Seriously, I just love the activity in that subject.

      Liked by 1 person

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