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Lovely on Ice!: my first Ice skating experience

By: Lovely Del Mundo

                Ice skating is one activity that I really love to try. Finally, I got the chance this 2018. You all know that it is seldom for me to blog and even break out from my daily routine. But then, you can make a way if you must. It is actually my dream to skate on ice even before watching Yuri on Ice. I admire the figure skaters on how they balance themselves gracefully.

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                How this happened? One night, Junnie sent a message to me in FB chat. She wants to hang out. I tried to contact also our other CTP friends esp. the team commute buddies. I remember in my CTP days, they are the people I always get along going home because we have the same route. I made a group chat for the four of us. I consider them as my closest friends in the class. #otakufriends

*Aaron didn’t make it so we unfriended him. Joke. He has his own reason.



       The first plan is actually hiking/mountain climbing. (In tagalog: mamundok) I am not really into that kind of activity. Even before, some of my colleagues invited me but I might be a nuisance. I rather suggest another plan for this CTPsquad. “How about ice skating? Have you tried it?” I said. (in Filipino) They did agree because all of us never tried it. I also want something cold. I like to swim in the beach but the travel distance is farther so it is not really possible. At the same time, it was short notice. We plan it to be on the holy week. (the only holiday we are free). I really did free myself from anything last holy week. I didn’t do work or even study for my GSLife. I really want to just relax and free my mind from worries. I made time for them because it is very rare for us to see each other too.  😀

                We did ice skating in MOA. The price is reasonable I may say. It is less than 500 pesos and you can do skate-to-sawa or skate-all-day. I am a person who like to try new things/activities that breaks my daily routine. I will try as long as I like the activity. I really enjoyed learning how to skate on ice.


We fit our foot size for the skates.


More caution on Ice Skating.


             It was really fun. The secret to Ice Skating 101 is good balancing. It was hard for me to balance because I am not used to this sports. For you to go far or even go to the center of the skating rink, it requires you to have a good balance. If your have learned roller skates before, it is an advantage. Carmey was really good in balancing so it looks easy for her to move fast than us. Two rounds around the skating rink is a struggle but then when you practice more you will go better. For 3 hours, I can claim that we can already balance in the center going back and forth. It was really interesting for me. I want to try it again and again. I love it. I would really love to go back! I want to capture more photos but it was hard. It caused me to fall 5 times on ice holding my phone all throughout… Hahaha! I really couldn’t hold still.


                I am thankful for this chance to catch up with them. They did all agree with this. Our next plan is archery. *crossfinger* Hahaha! 😀 Now, I got my explore buddies. Hahaha! You must also try skating. It can be scary at first because you will really fall down many times. After that many fall, when you get back and learned how to move well on ice then you will feel the satisfaction and fulfillment. You know it’s like life.Fall 7 times, Stand up 8. Ice skating just matched my icy cold persona. Also, if you watched the anime “Yuri on Ice!” that was also our inspiration. 😉



Thank you for reading. Leave comments below if you also like to share your ice skating experience. 🙂



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