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Cheers to 2018! Staying on track and Calibrating Goals… :)

By: Lovely Del Mundo

Making goals (or renewal of goals) are surely a trend to most of us as we begin the year. It took time for me to get normalized and still after the holidays. Seriously, I don’t know the reason why I am feeling sluggish most of the time. (I suspect the reason is lack of exercise and sunlight.) I stayed only at home to chill and recharge from my hectic life right now. Doing nothing at all is my other meaning of holiday. While others of your FB friends are keep on posting about parties and travel, I am here just lazing around home.


2017 is the year of making big decisions (on my career), changes, reflection and having a wider social circle. It was more challenging but then I am proud of myself. I had a lot of adjustments in all aspects. Nevertheless, it only sharpened and honed me into a better person with all these new experiences. It even made push myself to the limit for the things that I thought I cannot do. I thank God for blessing me sufficient wisdom, talent, strength and patience for me to overcome 2017.

I don’t have any plan to do this blog entry. To be honest, it’s been really hard for me to rekindle the fire for blogging because it feels like I’ve been away from myself for so long. I even cried one night because of this feeling. Thanks to @davidguison blog entry about his 2018 goals and birthday blog because I was enlightened and inspired. 😀

I discovered him on tgosingtian and camiejuan’s blog. At first, I didn’t bother to follow him because I won’t do anything about male fashion but then when I tried to look on how he writes on his personal blogs…boom… definitely a must read regardless of age and gender. I felt his sincerity as a person and blogger. I am actually finding myself back into blogging and I stumble upon his post then I the fire I had before was rekindled again. Haha! 😀 So, real thanks David (even if you don’t know me.. hah!)!

Since I want to take advantage of this motivation, I will now share my 5 personal Goals for 2018.

Be assertive

The synonym of assertive is aggressive. I want to use the word assertive because it sounds more pro. As a teacher, the way I appear and my approach to my students must be assertive. You need to have this authority aura inside the classroom for the children to follow and respect you. It’s not that easy for a lax person like me. Hah! (give me passion in teaching oh lord!) In decision making, taking calculated risks is one tip (of Mr. Chinkee Tan) that I want to execute/follow.

Better and Healthy Skin

Oh my! Oh my must goals! I want to have this clear skin especially my work needs to face people every day. It looks healthy for a person to have a clear facial skin. It will also boost more your self-confidence. I sometimes feel conscious when I look at the mirror having those unwanted zits/acne. I want to try the aloevera theraphy. 😀

Be Finance Savvy (wise investments)

I have ATM card now. I discovered the advantages and disadvantages of having it esp. when it’s pay day.  It’s my first time last 2017 to have ATM Card. I am such a late bloomer in my career…really! ugh! Whenever I see the cash machine, it’s sparkling. Actually, I need to discipline myself not to bring my ATM all the time. I don’t have big savings or what you called stocks (bank terms). I am towards the late 20s already so I guess time to bump my head and start being finance savvy. I don’t have the literal “monetary savings” but I do have investments right now (on the process). I will reap those on the right time. 😉

Having Fitness goals

In terms of fitness, I think I am still normally fit. I gained a little weight. Having fitness goals for me is not to get those curves or abs rather getting myself fueled up. My real issue is being sluggish (slow to move… not motivated…lazing) esp. when at home. I miss the Vitamin D too. Sunlight come to me!

Travel and Love

Travel requires energy, time and budget. But wait… I think it does not really needs to be grand or expensive. Just this year I want to start rewarding myself to having some short trips short distance to long distance. I want some VITAMIN SEA (back to nature), more café hoppings and culture discovery. To see my workload and gradschool schedule, it seems to be impossible. But who knows, it can happen too! Haha! The beauty of going places (the way I understand it from my fave travel bloggers) is making you feel that you just don’t EXIST but you LIVE. 🙂

When you are in the Mid 20s, I can tell your FB news feed frequency has these already:  engagement/marriage, young family life and bundle of joy (babies). I just know because I am there too. Haha! Older people would asked you or even convince you to be in pursuit of romance already because time is running. When it comes to the heart, I am cautious. I learned my lesson already. Right now, I treasure the new found friendships I am having and keeping. 21st century men seems to be complex but still interesting. Haha! :p I am just trying to be open and accepting this time. I’ve been busy rebuilding myself for 3 years already. (I think so far the best moments of my life.) It’s becoming more of my priority than being exclusive with someone. If love comes my way this year, why not? If not, so what? Haha! :p


Don’t Chase. Attract.  #my2018mantra

Making you realize 2018 is real huge in front of you can make you feel overwhelmed. Stay focused and Never Give Up. Trust God. Keep the fire burning. 🙂




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