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Brave (2012) : Movie Review


In Medieval Scotland, Merida, a young princess of the clan Dunbroch, is given a bow and arrows by her father, King Fergus, for her birthday. Her mother, Queen Elinor, is dismayed. While venturing into the woods to fetch a stray arrow, Merida encounters a will-o’-the-wisp. Soon afterwards, Mor’du, a huge demon-bear, attacks the family. Merida flees on horseback with Elinor, while Fergus fights off Mor’du at the cost of his left leg. (source: wikipedia)




Brave (2012) is an adventure, monarch and a legendary animated movie. There’s a young princess of Dunbroch who is about to get married. Will she choose one of her suitors or will continue slinging arrows through the sunset?


  •  MERIDA – a Scottish princess who dreams of following her own path and living her own life

  • QUEEN ELINOR – Dunbroch’s queen and Merida’s mother, whose respect for protocol and tradition brings her into conflict with her daughter.

  •  KING FERGUS  – Dunbroch’s king and Merida’s boisterous father

  •  The Witch – a crafty and bumbling old witch who agrees to help Merida


The film animation is just fine. Pixar did a good job in making every character appearance appropriate to its personality.

Comments and Suggestions: 

Is destiny already written or we’re the one who will write it? – the question I always ask. My mom would never answer or answer me with a smirk only.  For our heroine Merida, she believes that we just need to be brave to see it. Our destiny is in our hands. In a thought, destiny is somewhat written and a choice. Upon our birth, we didn’t choose where our birthplace and biological parents are. I must say it was beyond our choice so perhaps it is DESTINED. As we grow older, we make decisions that leads us to our destination. It is something from our control.  It goes side by side in life.

In the story of Merida’s life, her mother is making a life for her. Merida is not a typical princess. She’s an adventurous soul. She likes playing archery while riding her horse Angus. She climbs mountain. She wants to touch the sky. She is freedom itself.

Caption: This is my favorite song in the movie.

One day, she was told to get married without her consent. In other words, she was forced to get married. That made her in rage. She still followed her mom for the selection. But then, she wasn’t able to refrain from joining the fun of the archery contest for her suitors. Those suitors are all first born and lame. Haha!

If you are Merida, are you going to have the same response on being force to get married? I think I will be for some reason. It depends on the man that will be arranged to me. Parents do know better but of course not always. They are still humans who commit mistakes. It just so happen that they are given birth first in this world. That made them wiser people.

Merida had this rebellion towards her mom to the point of getting some SPELL from a witch to change her mom, thinking that it will change her fate. To her surprise, it only change her mom’s physical appearance into a bear. There’s something wrong with the SPELL too. When that happened, she realized how important her mom to her and the only person that will take care of her. She was regretful to do that.  I can relate to Merida. I also felt that my mom is getting too involved in my life. Though , I pity her because she will always say we’re bestfriends. Yes, we are mom. Inside of me, I want to explore more in life. There’s something that I am still on search. I was just considering that maybe it’s because of the tragic incident that’s why my parents are more protective to me right now.

Going back to the movie, I love the music and story. The appearance of Merida is appropriate with her personality. Those big curly hair suits the fire-like princess. I watched this movie 10 times I guess when my cousin gave a copy last 2013. I really watched it like FROZEN.

 I can recommend it to everyone!~ People of all age can appreciate the story.

Rating : 8 out of 10


13 thoughts on “Brave (2012) : Movie Review

  1. Oh man its been forever since i last watched this movie and now i want to have a disney rewatch marathon xD im actually super close to my mom so in terms of a mother daughter relationship, i dont have problems. But i think the relationship w merida and her mom is closer to the one i have w my dad. He has certain beliefs and he wants to look out for us, wants us to have something better but our views clash because i want something completely different. A great movie and great review 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Hi crimson613.😆 Thanks for sharing your thought. Yes, it relatable with the relationships we have with our family. I must say it is really a good movie. I am glad you like my review!💞💞💞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I watch it a few years back and loved the fact the story wasn’t the typical princessy one who need to marry a prince. And when her brother all 3 of them got turned into bears I wanted to hug them!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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